Increasing the Value of Your Home

Why the kitchen and bathroom should be the focus of your remodeling efforts

Increasing the Value of Your Home

When a person is looking to purchase a home the two rooms that are of most importance to them are typically the kitchen and bathroom, in that order. There are numerous reasons for this. Kitchens are not only costly to renovate but also messy to renovate well. Renovating your kitchen often involves changing over the cabinets, countertops and tile floor and needs to be done simultaneously in order to have a congruous look and feel. It is difficult to do so piecemeal and often requires a large and significant cost. Updating your kitchen is one of the biggest drivers of home value and a newly renovated kitchen that has a modern and open feel will typically contribute more to the home value than the cost of the renovation itself.

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Bathrooms are similar in that renovations to your home cause a significant disruption of your home life and are thought to be a large inconvenience. Buyers see a newly renovated bathroom as a big positive in terms of your home value and provides for an instant boost in your home value.

Functionality of the Rooms

More so than any other rooms in your home, the kitchen and bathrooms are those that are used most frequently. Of course you will sleep in your bedroom every night, but kitchens and bathrooms you use repeatedly throughout the day. Having modern kitchens and bathrooms add functionality and comfort to your home through the use of new features in your home setting that can be regularly used. As an example, modern tubs and showers add functionality to your living space.

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In your kitchen a modern space often includes new appliances and countertops that are easy and painless to clean and are therefore a good option for many looking for a renovation project. Given that many people will use these spaces regularly updating your kitchen and bathroom is a real benefit for homeowners who are planning on living in their space.

Having your kitchen and bathroom remodeled takes a significant amount of effort and time but are worthwhile for homeowners due to the increased home value and functionality that it provides. Be sure to plan and have sufficient funding to do the job well so that you can avoid having to redo these renovations and consider both your individual tastes as well as the modern tastes for kitchens and bathrooms if you are planning on selling your home in the relative future.